Rabbit | Female | Age: 2 | Californian | Spayed/Neutered

Princess is a former meat rabbit breeder. She's using her litter box perfectly in our home. She is very shy, but is slowly starting to warm up, and doesn't seem to mind the other animals in the house (cats, dogs). She would be best in a home with no kids due to her shyness.

Other Animals
Lived with two different litters of babies, lived near but not with other adults. Currently lives with two cats and two dogs, seems relatively indifferent to them but does not interact directly.

Medical History
Princess has has two litters, but is now spayed. Her spay appointment found no other health issues. Has been treated for ear mites with revolution with no other issues,

Ideal Home
Patient home for a rabbit new to indoor living.

Physical Description
White with brown nose and ear tips. Red eyes.

Other Information
None at this time, please contact me with any questions!

phone: 6086045918


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