Dog | Female | Age: 10 | Labrador, Pit Bull mix | Spayed/Neutered

Sweet, loving, relaxed, and sometimes playful. Loves all humans!!

Other Animals
Currently lives with a smaller dog. Gets along fine with other dogs as long as she can be dominant. Not great with most other animals as she is very prey-driven.

Medical History
She’s up to date on vaccinations and is overall healthy.

Ideal Home
She would do best in a place where people work from home and are around a lot. She loves to be outdoors in a fenced-in backyard. She in particular respects kind, strong men and would likely be most relaxed in a home without other animals.

Physical Description
Very cute pup who is mainly black with white around her back and belly. 50 lbs of muscle, tail intact, and has a big tongue that loves to give kisses!

Other Information
She has severe isolation anxiety and is very scared to be alone (will likely cause destruction trying to escape if left alone indoors). Loves car rides and can be left in the car peacefully for periods of time. Afraid of thunderstorms but does well on trazodone if needed.

phone: 608-247-8857

email: ravelutionize@gmail.com

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