Pur - she was named by my daughter, a 6 yo at the time 

Cat | Female | Age: 12 | Domestic short hair - all black | Spayed/Neutered

Pur is pretty independent, laid back, easy going. She was traumatized by another cat in the house attacking her about 9 years ago. She had some PTSD after that, but has recovered well. She's used to being alone in a quiet house, and has never been outside. She loves open windows, etc...but shows no interest going outside.

Other Animals
She has been the only pet in our house since we gave the other cat that attacked her to a good friend many years ago. She's happy on her own, and would do best in a home without any other animals.

Medical History
She is not declawed. She's very healthy, no known health issues The only time she's ever left our house, since her spaying 11+ years ago, has been for a few vet visits for shots.

Ideal Home
She'd do well in a quiet home without any other pets. if you happen to have any mice in the house, she's a very good mouser!

Physical Description
All black with green eyes.

Other Information
She's the black cat in the attached pic's. I'm only looking for a new home for her because I recently retired, live alone now and am planning to do some regular traveling, sometimes being away for extended periods, and I don't have anyone to do longer term pet sitting. Otherwise I'd happily keep her! I'm happy to include all of her toys, pet supplies, food on hand, etc if/when the right new home is found for her.

phone: 608-628-3799

email: mljj60@tds.net

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