Queen Elsa 

Cat | Female | Age: 5 | Flame point Siamese

Very loving, a bit skiddish

Other Animals
Has lived with a golden retriever- they get along great

Medical History
Well cared for & fully vaccinated

Ideal Home
A home without kids or teenagers. She needs a family that has more time to be with and train her

Physical Description

Other Information
Elsa was a rescue. She almost died as an outdoor cat during the deep freeze winter 4 years ago. That’s when we rescued her, during her recovery. She is a lovely cat but we have had some issues with getting her to consistently use her litter box. Having moved into a new home recently we need to give her up since she has been peeing outside of her litter box enough that we can’t tolerate it anymore and do not have the time or skills to figure out how to better train her. Someone with more experience with cats can likely fix this problem. She also would like a family or couple that have more time to spend with her.

phone: 6085764592

email: aronbacon@gmail.com

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