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Cat | Female | Age: 9 | Domestic Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered

Rosie is very sweet, easygoing, calm and good natured. She'll snuggle near your feet, but also find unique places to nap. Affectionately known as "cat bus" cuz she's a big kitty.

Other Animals
Rosie has lived with other cats. She had a biological brother cat who passed away many years ago. She also lived with another cat for while during the past few years and did fine.

Medical History
Rosie is spayed and four-paw declawed. She is due for her vaccinations (rabies/distemper).

Ideal Home
Rosie is pretty chill. She would do best in a quiet home where she gets some attention, yet also has her space to relax. Other cats OK.

Physical Description
Rosie is a polydactyl cat which means she was born with more than the usual number of toes on her paws.

Other Information
Rosie was my mother's cat and my mother is now deceased.

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