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Ruka Bush (aka Roo) 

Dog | Female | Age: 1.5 | German Shepherd | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

She is very sweet and affectionate with her humans, and just wants to love and be loved. She does best when things are chill and predictable for her in the home. Her love for her family does mean that she get anxious about new people. She has not met many people in this world, so right now she barks to sound scary, but if people are nice and give her some treats, she warms up pretty quickly and then want lots of pets from them and just wants to be involved. She does bark a lot at the mail carrier though, he leaves but comes back every day! The vet is a bit scarier because they poke her, but they understand her and give her treats, so it’s not long before she is going right up to them and saying “Hi, whatcha doing? Wanna pet me?” She's a super smart cookie, and she is learning a lot of things like not jumping, potty training, relaxation, some self-control, crate soothing, and learning that there is a world outside! She's learned to sit, lie down, wait (at least a little while), and more. an She is an active girl, and has yet to really experience what it is like to go on a walk. Her FAVORITE thing ever is zoomies in the backyard. She could win an Olympic medal in zoomies. She loves playing with her ball, and makes sure to bury it when she's done. She's sweet, funny, and beautiful.

Other Animals
Dog and cat (who was separated in another part of the house)

Medical History
Roo has been spayed, is up to date on all vaccines, has been examined by a vet, and is free of heartworms and parasites.

Ideal Home
She needs a new home in a loving, active family and fenced-in yard to help her work on her outside skills. Her forever home should be active to help work her mind and her body. She has not experienced many things, so we're looking for a patient, understanding, and experienced home to take her in and help her learn how to be the best she can be!

Physical Description
She is more petite than your typical German Shepherd, but she's just as full of spunk and love. She is black and tan, with lovely face markings.

phone: 6086282854 (leave voice mail)


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