Cat | Male | Age: 12 | American Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Sai is a very chill cat but has high anxiety when in stressful situations. He loves to cuddle up to your neck and knead on you. He loves his food and will always let you know when his bowl is empty :) he is an amazing cat with LOTS of personality. Everyone who meets him loves him dearly.

Other Animals
He has lived with other cats and dogs. He is calm and submissive to other animals

Medical History
Sai has all four paws declawed (got him that way) Sai is also diagnosed with diabetes and will require insulin on a daily basis

Ideal Home
Sai need someone who has plenty of time and financial resources and is patient and knowledgeable about feline diabetes

Other Information
Sai Is currently on insulin but still has issues going outside of the box, throwing up, and walks with a wobble. I live alone and pay for everything myself and it’s become unaffordable for me. I also do not have the time to properly care for him like I should. I need your help. I love him dearly which is why I know he deserves a better home.

phone: 6089602313


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