Rodent | Female | Age: 8 | American Guinea Pig

Dislikes being picked up but tolerates being handled. Enjoys being hand fed, highly food motivated. Strong personality, "alpha" pig in her pair.

Other Animals
Has lived with another guinea pig all her life. Occasional dominance displays, no fighting.

Medical History
Not spayed or neutered.

Ideal Home
Large cage or pen, experienced cavy owner with either other geriatric sows or a young neutered boar to pair with.

Physical Description
Agouti short haired, brown/orange. Medium sized sow in the 750-850 gram range.

Other Information
Sally is part of a bonded pair. Her partner is 9 years old and in poor health. I'm looking for an experienced savvy owner to take Sally into their herd so she isn't lonely when her partner dies.

phone: 8504600901


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