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Cat | Male | Age: 2 | Maine Coon/Mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Sedona is a small, very loving, cuddly, and playful cat who enjoys spending his time napping, looking out the window and playing. He has some anxiety, but in a quiet and calm environment he is very social and loves sitting on your lap. His favorite toys are the laser pointer and feather toys. He prefers cardboard scratchers and tolerates being brushed and having his nails clipped. He uses the litter box with no problems and does a great job grooming himself. He like to drink water out of the sink or cat fountain.

Other Animals
He has lived with other cats and dogs, but does not get along and is very aggressive towards them. He needs to be in a pet free home.

Medical History
He is up to date on vaccines and is neutered. He has all of his claws. He is a very anxious cat and needed gabapentin at the shelter and initially with us. He has moderate to severe gingivitis and will need occasional sedated dental cleanings. His last dental cleaning was on 4/1/22.

Ideal Home
An ideal home for Sedona would be a quiet, non-smkoing household with NO kids and NO other pets. He is a very loving, quiet cat who enjoys cuddles, looking out windows and playing. Absolutely no exceptions to the no pets and no kids.

Other Information
He was initially surrendered due to aggressive behavior towards a puppy. We were initially told he could be with other cats but we have not been able to have a successful introduction. He is very aggressive towards them, but never towards us. He is an absolute sweet heart and we desperately wish we could keep him, but know he would be happier in a more ideal home.

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