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Cat | Male | Age: 13 Yrs 8 Mos (Born 8/7/08) | Domestic Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Shadow is a bit slow to warm up at first, but once he does, he is an absolute sweetheart! Every time I walk into the room, he runs up to me and will rub against my legs, meowing and purring until I pick him up and give him some love. He doesn’t like to be held for long though, but once I put him down, he’ll continue to meow and purr for more love. He also loves to snuggle in next to you and will sometimes try to pull your hands towards him or paw at you for pets.

Other Animals
Shadow does not get along well with other animals. He came from a home with no other animals and would do best in a similar home. We have two dogs and another cat, and we’ve tried hard to socialize them for the last two years, but he still wants nothing to do with them. As a result, we’ve had him in his own room.

Medical History
Shadow unfortunately had a bit of a rough start to his life. His previous owner was diagnosed with dementia, and as we were helping to care for her, we learned that she was not leaving any water out for him and hadn’t been for many years. As a result, he was on a strictly wet food diet and was on a strong stimulant and MiraLAX to help move his bowels. He had also had many trips to the vet for enemas and other treatments for constipation over the years. Once we took him, however, he’s always had access to fresh water, and we were able to take him off the stimulant and put him back on mostly dry food. We tried to ween him off the MiraLAX as well, but he ended up constipated after a few weeks, so we’ve kept him on the MiraLAX and have had no issues. He’s also on a daily thyroid medication. Together, the MiraLAX and thyroid medication cost roughly $10/month, and they are really easy to administer. We put both in some wet food every morning and he happily gobbles it up! Note, we do have his full medical records and will be happy to provide.

Ideal Home
Shadow would do best in a quieter home with no other animals. He’d be so happy to be able to roam the house without any worries, and he’d be so happy to just lounge around and chill. Note, he’s also picky about his litter box, so he needs someone who doesn’t mind scooping his box regularly.

Other Information
We’ve decided it’s time to find Shadow a new home since his previous owner doesn’t remember him anymore, which was the main reason we held onto him for so long. This was a real heart-breaking decision for us, because we’ve really come to love him, but we just want him to enjoy the rest of his life to the fullest and not be stuck in one room forever. Shadow comes with a large sized soft cat carrier, a cat cave, a large litter box, two full pails of litter, a full large bag of dry cat food, at least a month supply of pre-portioned wet cat food, at least two months of his medication, food and water dishes, and full medical records.

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