Cat | Female | Age: 2 | Short Haired Tabby? | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Shadow is still young so he's still fairly hyper. He loves to run around and play. When it's time to lay down for the night, he's all cuddles though. Shadow is still learning to behave so he does need someone with patience as well.

Other Animals
Shadow has been around another cats and one dog. He does better around cats that are more playful. Dogs he usually doesn't bother or interact with too much.

Medical History
Shadow is up to date on his vacations and has been neutered for about almost a year.

Ideal Home
Ideally, Shadow would do best with someone who is home a lot. He is very needy when it comes to attention, and needs someone with patience to play with him and teach him manners.

phone: 6087704274


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