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Cat | Female | Age: 13 | Shorthair beautiful blue Mix | Spayed/Neutered

Quiet and shy

Other Animals
Has lived with others. First one did fine with. We now have a new male who chases her which she does not like.

Medical History
Declawed/spayed/ shots up to date/ all labs for mature cat were just run and normal.

Ideal Home
Probably no other animals and kids. Quiet home preferred.

Other Information
Skye has been urinating outside her litter box recently. I do believe it’s stress from our other cat. She has been great until the last 6 months. We have tried everything to stop the other cat from stalking and chasing her. She has been thoroughly vet checked for everything and nothing is wrong. Vet believes her problem is stress too. Our other cat is just 2 is just 2 so we have chosen to keep him.

phone: 7152184500


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