Cat | Female | Age: 7 | Unknown | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Sophie is a sweet, loving and playful kitty. She takes a bit to warm up to strangers, but when she does, she's an affectionate purr factory! She loves to chase toys around the floor, and has been known to catch mice, too. She loves to watch birds at the bird feeder, as well.

Other Animals
Sophie is used to being around dogs, and up until a month ago, she had a male cat buddy. He could sometimes get aggressive with her. He moved out with my son, and she has adjusted very well. She would get along fine with another low-key, chill cat. She prefers dogs that won't chase her around.

Medical History
Sophie is up to date on her vaccines and is not declawed. A few years ago, she had a urinary tract issue, which was treated with medication. She continues to be on a prescription diet for urinary health, so the issue does not recur, and it hasn't.

Ideal Home
Sophie would do best in a home where she can be the center of attention, or at least where there's a cat lover that can give her the attention she deserves. She will shy away from small children. She prefers females, but loves my adult sons. So she will warm up to a male who is a cat lover. A low stress environment will be best for Sophie.

Physical Description
Sophie is a dainty white, medium sized cat, with adorable black spots.

Other Information
Sophie has developed an aversion to peeing in the litter box. She will pee on pet training pads. And as long as there are clean pads available, she will go there. Now that she is the only cat in the house, I have found evidence that she has peed in the crystal type litter (we have tried all types!). So, we believe she may be retrainable, with the appropriate attention and diligence. She always poops in the litter box, and prefers the crystal type for that, as well.

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