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Cat | Female | Age: 4 months | Mom is mostly tabby I believe,but we're not sure on dad, so tabby mix?

Super cuddly, likes to play catch with my little ones stuffed animals(will throw it up in the air, or pretty much toss herself (if you want something done...well you know the rest. Hehe. Great with other cats and even better with young children(I have 3 ages ranging from 3-8) Sunlight puts up with all the craziness that comes along with the kids and even seems to enjoy it. She's playful, but when she's ready to calm does she enjoys a good cuddle. 😁

Other Animals
We have 3 other cats (her 2 sister's and mama) they like to wrassle,but what kitten wouldn't right?!

Medical History
She has not been seen by a vet yet.

Ideal Home
I'm sure she would be more comfortable having her sister along with her, but if not possible she would be happy with any family who loves to play. Who give her plenty of lovin's and attention. She is a laid back little girly.

Physical Description
She is mostly white with orange and black patches on her face,tail, and legs. SHE'S STINKEN ADORABLE.

phone: 9203829460


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