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Cat | Female | Age: 3 | Domestic short hair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

She's very affectionate, very vocal, and enjoys playing with any type of paper, she likes her toys as well, and she gets along with all ages.

Other Animals
She has grown up with a cat brother and they get along perfectly, he's older so she bugs him sometimes but they love each other. I brought a rescue dog into my home and while she wasn't fond of him, she wasn't aggressive towards him just scared and would hunch if he got to close. She was a barn cat surrounded by her litter mates, we brought her home around 6 weeks and she's been with Tater since that age.

Medical History
She is spayed, and up to date on her vaccines. Still fully clawed. She was treated for some allergies with a steroid shot and that was only once and she hasn't had any issues since.

Ideal Home
I think she would do well in any home setting. If she had fur siblings of any kind I think after an adjustment period she would do well with someone to play with. Someone who is ok with an extremely vocal cat is a must, she does enjoy affection and enjoys having someone around. She hasn't been around young children full time but has met a couple and did well with them. A home on the quiet side would probably be best though, she does tend to scare by a lot of commotion.

phone: 608-574-4948


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