Sydney Blaze “Syddy Biddy” 

Cat | Female | Age: 13 years | Gray Stripe Tabby | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Syddy is a beautiful, shy, scaredy-cat. She is incredibly sweet & loves to be pet/brushed on her terms (typically in the evening) once used to routines & knows what to expect.

Other Animals
Syddy had a sister cat who was dominant & swatted at her (who was recently re-homed, too). Syd would do best in a quiet home with no other animals or kids. She’ll hide around both, unpredictable situations, loud noises, etc.

Medical History
Syddy is a healthy girl. She had one abscess on her bum about 5 years ago, but otherwise, no history of illnesses or other infections.

Ideal Home
Syddy is looking for a quiet home, with a gentle adult or two who can provide consistency & a calm, mellow environment.

Physical Description
Sydney is a beautiful gray-stripe tabby with iridescent, light green eyes that shine brightly! She’s about 14lbs, with short legs.

Other Information
Syd truly is a sweet, loving kitty who is struggling to adapt to a new home with our blended family, including kids (new to her). She’s content spending much of her day on her own, often in a bathroom cabinet to her mama’s dismay. When things are calm, she’ll snuggle next to her mom & seek pets/brushing, in the evenings after dinner. Her coat is thick, so brushing daily is ideal once trust is built.

phone: 608-333-9876


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