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Cat | Female | Age: 14 | Domestic Shorthair (Torbie) | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Taki is a love sponge. She enjoys being petted, sitting on laps, or any other human interaction. She is very affectionate and purrs loudly when she's happy, which is often. I've had Taki since my kids were little and she was always very gentle with them.

Other Animals
Taki does not do well with other animals. She tends to be aggressive and confrontational. This is the reason we need to rehome her. My girlfriend (who I now live with) has two cats and we have not been able to reconcile them, so Taki is confined to a single room. She is such a friendly and social cat that it's heartbreaking to keep her locked away from everyone else.

Medical History
Taki is spayed and up-to-date on all vaccines. She had a checkup at the vet about a month ago and the vet found her in excellent health.

Ideal Home
Taki is a social cat, she is an amazing friend to humans and such a kind companion. Taki does experience a great deal of stress when seeing other cats, she will growl and hiss this behavior is usually followed by retreating to a safe space. We have tried every resolution from pheromone diffusers to even slower more gradual introductions. Taki will be looking for a home as the only cat due to these behaviors and the stress involved with sharing a space with them.

Other Information
I am happy to share Taki's complete vet records with her adopting family. I'm asking that the adopting family provide me with a $40 check made out to "Dane County Humane Society" as part of the adoption process.

phone: 608-371-4485


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