Rabbit | Male | Age: 4 | Netherlands Dwarf

Very energetic, friendly, and loves to explore. He can be a little shy with new people.

Other Animals
Lived with other dogs. It is better when they’re separated because of the stress it puts on him, especially if the dog shows interest in him.

Medical History
Has not been declawed or spayed.

Ideal Home
Thunder’s ideal home would be a space where he has more freedom to move around and able to be present with the owner, rather than in a cage most of the day.

Other Information
I am trying to rehome Thunder because I will be moving and want to give him a better home than I can provide. My partner has had worsening health conditions and their ESA (dog) hasn’t been getting along well with Thunder lately. With the increase in stress and small signs of aggression from the dog, it is in Thunder’s best interest and safety to find a better home.

phone: 4147939332


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