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Cat | Female | Age: 6 | Short hair tortoiseshell | Spayed/Neutered

Tiki is a beautiful tortie girl around 6 years old from Alaska. I love her dearly but she needs to go to a home where she's an only pet as she doesn't get along with my other cats. More about Tiki: * she loves to be around people and is an affectionate and interactive companion * she's house trained and very intelligent * she plays fetch avidly (with hair ties) * she has a really loud purr * she likes to sit on laps * she is a 100% indoor cat (and must remain so) * she got along with a smaller, mild-mannered dog previously but would be best as an only pet Tiki's ideal parent would be a quiet, single person who is eager to give her a lot of attention and wants interactive companionship.

Other Animals
Ideally Tiki will go to a household where she's the only pet. She does not get along with other cats and cannot go to a household with other cats. She previously got a along with a smaller, mild-mannered dog.

Medical History
Tiki is healthy and has never had any health issues.

Ideal Home
To someone looking for loads of loving, interactive companionship. She loves attention and is very affectionate.

Physical Description
Short hair tortoiseshell cat. She's a approximately 7 lbs.

phone: 6082088303


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