Rabbit | Male | Age: 9 | Mini Lop | Spayed/Neutered

Timber is a very relaxed rabbit who loves to nap, play with toys and follow you around the house. He takes a little while to get to know, but once he feel comfortable in his space, he will bond with his person quickly! He is very good about being groomed when up on a high surface, will jump right in your lap for some treats from your hand. Although he is a senior rabbit, he is smart and learns quickly. He is also litter trained!

Other Animals
He has lived with a small dog and older children (12-15)

Medical History
Timber has remained very healthy and is still active for a senior rabbit. He is not currently updated on his vaccinations.

Ideal Home
He would be a perfect pet for a quiet and relaxed household. He seems to become stressed if he is touched too much or if there is lots of noise. His perfect home would be a single person or a couple who enjoy his company calmly.

Physical Description
He has a marbled black and white coat. He has some fun markings on him too!

Other Information
I have pretty much everything someone would need for a rabbit to give away! I have a great hutch, lots of toys, food dishes, a litter box, a hay feeder, etc.

phone: 6087748868

email: victoriahamm97@gmail.com

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