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Rabbit | Male | Age: 5 months | Dutch, Black | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Trinket is very active and curious. He loves attention. He doesn't like being picked up but he enjoys sitting on a person's lap and being petted. He loves his morning greens! He loves his pellets but we only give him less than 1/8 cup in the evening. Otherwise he get Timothy hay. We would include a list of what types of greens we have fed him so far.

Other Animals
lives with 2 other cats and does quite well with them. Always very curious and interested when they approach his pen.

Medical History
Trinket has had a visit to the vet at 4mo. He was in good health except his left eye was a little goopy. The vet cleaned up around his I and we gave him drops and it cleared up after 3 days. We did not have him fixed because the vet recommended closer to 1 year for that.

Ideal Home
A home where he has more space to roam and a family that is able to spend more time with him.

Physical Description
Trinket's D.O.B. - 1/9/2022 / We purchased him from Pet World in Madison, WI. His ID# is 00203062208

Other Information
We would include the cage, litter box, a couple toys, a bag of hay and any additional food or litter we have on hand.

phone: 7077384883


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