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Tulip and Zinnia 

Rabbit | Female | Age: 10 months | New Zealand x English Spot | Spayed/Neutered

Tulip is curious and outgoing, and Zinnia is more shy, though she does warm up with a little time. Both girls are exploratory and like to play with the toys in their pen, and they will stand up to ask for treats!

Other Animals
They live alongside cats and dogs and have done well with both. They hop up to sniff the cats and ignore the dogs once acclimated.

Medical History
Zinnia is spayed and has no other issues. Tulip had three of her four front teeth removed due to a jaw defect. At this point, everything is well healed and looks good, and only requires keeping an eye out. She has no issues eating and does not require special care for it. She is also spayed!

Ideal Home
The girls are bonded sisters and need to stay together. An ideal home is one that will give them more time being social!

Physical Description
Tulip is completely brown, and Zinnia is brown and white.

Other Information
I will give all medical records for the girls and am happy to help offer up basic care supplies (litterboxes, toys, etc). The girls are litterbox trained!

phone: 6086045918


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