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Rabbit | Male | Age: 8 months | Rex/Harlequin Mix

Ume has a very bold and confident personality! He can be very sweet and provide hours of entertainment. On the other side, he can be very stubborn and adventurous, he'll always keep you on your toes.

Other Animals
Ume has had small interactions with dogs. He is very curious of large dogs, but can be a bit of a jerk with smaller dogs. With time, he could get along with other animals, but that is still a bit of a grey area with him.

Medical History
Ume is of great health! He recently had a check up at a vet where it was concluded he still had a little growth left in him and that he looks great. Hasn't received any vaccines or been neutered yet.

Ideal Home
An ideal home for Ume would be a home where he can free roam or be heavily interacted with. He is definitely a people person and can sometimes cause mischief. Possibly a home with older children or heavy supervision with younger kids. His care and needs are similar to that of a cat. Let's make his next home his furever one!

Other Information
Ume is a very sweet and loving little guy. It was a very difficult decision to decide to rehome him, however, I feel there is a home out there who can provide him even more attention and love, as I work and go to school full time. He would make a great addition to a more interactive family!

phone: 815-901-7458


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