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Dog | Male | Age: 4 | German Short-haired pointer | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Walle is very sweet. He loves to cuddle, burrow in blankets and chase tennis balls. He is very loyal and likes to keep his eye on you as you go about your business. He enjoys staying active and would do well having a job, like hunting or search- and- rescue.

Other Animals
Walle does well with other dogs, but hasn't been around cats. Mostly he ignores any new pets as long as he can have his own toys. He's lived with his 'brother', Maverick, a Weimaraner, since the beginning.

Medical History
He is up to date on all shots, not neutered. He has some anxiety when he doesn't get enough exercise. He also has some seasonal allergies.

Ideal Home
Walle would do best with lots of time and attention. He needs to run on a regular basis and could use some leash training. He does great with other mellow dogs and older children. He is used to being home with 2 other dogs during the day and lots of family activity on nights and weekends. If he could be rehomed with his brother (Weimaraner) he would be in Heaven! But I know that might not be ideal for many homes.

Physical Description
Walle has beautiful coloring with brown and white spots. He is a purebred but we have no papers to show that.

Other Information
We got him and his brother recently to help out a family member but I'm a single mom with 3 kids and it's been a bit too much especially since I already have one dog. We don't have the time or resources to keep him and his brother.

phone: 6082120550


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