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Wilbur and Bugsy 

Rodent | Male | Age: Approx. 4 yrs | Guinea Pig

Wilbur: He is super friendly and loves loves loves snuggling up on the couch or in bed for naps! He's good with being held as well. Bugsy: He is also friendly but definitely has more spunk and attitude! He doesn't enjoy being held and will butt up his head when being pet. But he does enjoy a cuddle every now and then. Both boys are very quiet, they mostly just chew on the bars when they want food/treats/attention and I rarely hear them making much noise. They both will greet you right when you come in the room and beg for treats/attention. They're wonderful boys.

Other Animals
Bonded with each other

Medical History
Wilbur has been very overweight ever since I recused him a year ago from someone closet. Seems to sneeze every so often, a vet visit would probably be a good idea! Bugsy seems healthy, but a vet appointment wouldn't hurt!

Ideal Home
Someone who has the time to cuddle them and get them out for more exercise.

Physical Description
Wilbur: Black, white, and cream Bugsy: Black and orange

Other Information
The bonded pair can come with their entire setup (about 17 sq ft), and any extra food or treats or toys I have for them.

phone: 6082351089


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