Rabbit | Female | Age: 1 | Mini Rex | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Willow is an amazing bunny and is super friendly. She loves to be let out so she can jump around. She is healthy and spayed. She does not like other bunnies. If you come home to her with the scent of another bunny she gets grumpy. She is litter box trained and can do a couple tricks. She will love you

Other Animals
She likes dogs. I had a small little dog and Willow love to approach her. But sometimes she is scared of them

Medical History
Willow got spayed when she was seven months old. Now she’s super happy and has no health issues

Ideal Home
Home where she can be let out a bunch and has a big cage. Where they can give her lots of treats especially oats which are her favorite. Unlimited amounts of play, and amazing attention. She is a commitment but a good one.

Physical Description
She is extremely soft and has a white and gray marble coloration. Everyone who has seen her said that she is the prettiest bunny they have ever seen

phone: 6086284695

email: kelseypelletier17@gmail.com

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