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Cat | Female | Age: Approx. 2 Years | Domestic Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Wilma is a loving cat. She likes to be close to people and loves to receive attention. She does not tolerate other animals and has limits to the attention she receives. She's very good about using scratching pads and using the litterbox.

Other Animals
Wilma will do best if she's the only animal in the home. She has been kept behind a gate and becomes aggressive when she sees our other cat or our dogs. This is why we need to find a new home for Wilma, we don't believe that she will be happy with other animals in the house.

Medical History
Wilma had a physical and is healthy. She received all of the recommended vaccinations, has been dewormed (had roundworms, verified deworming was successful), and treated for suspected ear mites in March\April. She is spayed. She has not been declawed (has not scratched furniture, she's very good about using scratching pads).

Ideal Home
Wilma with thrive in a home with adults or older children who can respect Wilma's desires, and where she is the only pet. When she has had enough attention, she will play-bite (she has touched her teeth to our hands, but has never broken skin).

Other Information
We found Wilma at our family farm after she was likely abandoned. She was found in a shed after we heard her crying out. She immediately approached every person who was there, was very friendly and enjoyed the attention. She was thin, and has bulked up after we brought her home (she needs to have her meals measured out to avoid overeating and manage weight). The vet anticipated that she was left outdoors for several months, likely all winter. We were hopeful that she would be able to integrate into our home with a senior cat and two small dogs, but after 4 months, she has not been able to tolerate our other animals. We want to find a home for Wilma where she can be happy and spend her time with people.

phone: 608-347-6854


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