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Winifred ‘Red’ 

Dog | Female | Age: 6 months | American Cattle Dog/Red Heeler Mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

She learns commands quickly; Sit, Shake, lay, roll over and stay. House trained, but has not been crated. At this time, the longest she has stayed home alone is 4 hours snd she watches out the window the entire time. She is loyal and stays close. Red would do wonderful in a home with older children age 12 and up, younger children make her anxious. We have 9 year old she has not been able to adjust to, and has snapped at younger (under 10) children. She has not had issues with our daughter and her teenage friends 13/14 y/o. Loves any teen or adult that gives her attention and always excited to see you. She does well with cats, she does attempt to herd them but backs off when they face her. Ideally, she would love a home with another dog that enjoys playing. She adores playing with other dogs. Red is 73% Australian Cattle Dog, 16.8% Border Collie and 9.9% German Shepard (we will share her DNA results) I expect it may take her time to adjust to a new home because she is loyal and we love her, but have young kids in our home daily. We cannot take the chance she would bite them.

Other Animals
4 cats, she tries to herd but backs off when they have had enough She loves other dogs and does really well with other dogs that enjoy playing (have energy)

Medical History
Spayed, up to date on all vaccinations

Ideal Home
No young children, 12 and older ok. Adults are great, another active playful dog would we ideal

Physical Description
Medium size, approx 35 lbs. she has the face of a cattle dog but her coat looks more German Shepard

phone: 6084438116


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