Dog | Female | Age: 4 | Lab/Pointer | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Xabi is a sweet, cuddly girl with a lot of energy! She is eager to please and very smart.

Other Animals
Xabi does not get along with other dogs. She has never lived with a cat or any other animal, but her hunter instinct is strong, so I think she needs to be the only animal in the house.

Medical History
Xabi is up-to-date on her vaccines and is spayed. She doesn't have any health issues.

Ideal Home
She loves to run, but she doesn't get along well with other dogs, so an ideal home for her would be one with a big fenced-in yard where she can chase squirrels and nap in the sun. She doesn't get along with other animals, so she should be the only pet in the house. She loves to go on walks and even runs, so an active human would be great, but if she has lots of outdoor space, it's not necessary. She is really sweet and loves to cuddle and loves to sit in laps and get pets, though she's 40 pounds! She likes lots of attention and wants to be near her humans, but she's very well behaved, so she is fine to stay home alone during the day while you're out. I think Xabi would be great in a house with kids that are old enough to understand when she needs personal space. She has lots of experience with children in my own family and has always been great with them, but now that we have a baby on the move, we are seeing that some situations could be dangerous for our little one, who doesn't have the awareness necessary for a dog like Xabi.

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