Dog | Male | Age: 2 | Husky | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Very sweet and affectionate. He gets a little nervous around new people but warms up pretty fast.

Other Animals
He gets jealous of other dogs and should probably be an only pet

Medical History
Neutered and has his shots

Ideal Home
Single pet home

Physical Description
black and white husky

Other Information
We believe he was abused by his previous owner when he was a puppy, so it does take him a little bit to get comfortable, but he is not aggressive or anything like that. He’s a very sweet dog, loves attention, he is just having a hard time getting along with our other pets lately and we want to re home him to somewhere where he doesn’t have to be stressed out by other pets.

phone: 608 575-5761

email: csimp3@yahoo.com

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