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Cat | Female | Age: 9 years | Domestic shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Zoey is a clever cat with a balance of social energy and cuddly affection. Some of her favorite things include being fed on time (or early), bird watching from the window, "helping" to make the bed, and purring on people's chests. She enjoys games that involve pouncing around corners or from behind curtains. She is a social cat who likes to greet her people at the door and spend time in the same room with them. She needs one good play session a day and then can sleep or lounge the rest of the time. Food is a big motivator for her, and she has learned to sit on command for it. She doesn't shy away from new people and likes to venture outside on a leash and harness once in a while.

Other Animals
Zoey has lived with a puppy now dog for the past two years and has put up with him fairly well. It took 9 months before she was comfortable being in the same room with him, and we have always been sure to provide dog-free safe spaces for her. She has not lived with other cats since we adopted her from her foster home at 2-months-old where she lived with her mother and littermates.

Medical History
Zoey is spayed and up to date on vaccines. She left her last annual wellness visit at the vet with a clean bill of health. She has had one tooth extracted, but other than that has not had any major health concerns.

Ideal Home
Zoey's ideal home would be with a family that dotes on her, helps her release some energy through play each day, and lets her sleep in the same room at night. She has some experience with children, but mostly tries to avoid them (especially when they get loud), so a family with older children might be best. Although she has lived in a one-bedroom apartment before, over the past five yeas Zoey has gotten accustomed to the space of a house with great windows and would do well in a similar environment. Window time is important to her and we can provide a cat tower to aid in this. Most important, though, is having a family that has time and attention to share with her each day.

Physical Description
Zoey has a white chest, neck, tummy, and toes and multi-color markings everywhere else. She is petite at 8 pounds.

phone: 503-902-1972


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