Dog | Male | Age: 1 | Pitbull

Funny cuddly excited loves to play w a ball. Like to be outside. Best friend is a cat

Other Animals
He grew up w anothed dog and a cat and hedgehog

Medical History
I recently got him from milwaukee. Hes not fixed and they said he had his two puppy shots but thats it. Hes been w md abt two weeks and he seems a bit underweight.

Ideal Home
A house probably. Hes lived in apartments but he can bark while playing so noise complains happen sometimes. Probably not little kids cause hes not always aware that hes a bigger dog. But teens and up are cool. He probably wants a pet friend but he would do ok without.

Physical Description
White w brown spots on his butt and nose

Other Information
My landlord wants go evict me if hes not out by tomorrow morning.

phone: (608) 802-6779

email: m.mpcarre@gmail.com

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