Business Feedback Survey

Please take a moment to complete this survey. We would like to know how successful our recent work for you was, and if there is anything we could do differently next time to improve our service.
1) Were you greeted upon entering the shelter?

2) Do you feel the Adoption Counselor that you worked with was helpful and respectful while assisting you in selecting your new pet(s)?:

3) Did you find the Adoption Counselor knowledgeable and helpful in offering assistance and additional information relating to your pet?:

4) Did they encourage you to contact them for assistance with any future pet or animal related questions, problems, or concerns?:

5) Did they offer to assist you in becoming a member?:

If yes, did you?:

5b) If not, why?:
6) Did the building appear clean and inviting?:

7) Were you able to find your way around the building without confusion?:

8) Did the paperwork, policies, and procedures seem reasonable and easy to understand?:

9) Overall, did the entire process seem to have the animal’s best interest as the goal?:

10) Were you thanked for visiting the shelter?:

Additional Comments Welcomed! Thank you!:
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