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Every year, the Wildlife Center treats thousands of injured, ill, or orphaned local wildlife, with the goal of releasing them to their natural homes once they are fully healed. With expertise and dedication, our professional wildlife rehabilitators address the needs of wildlife patients every day year-round. Over 150 species including all native birds, reptiles, and amphibians from over 20 Wisconsin counties receive refuge and compassionate care at the Wildlife Center. Our internship program has a significant role in making this lifesaving work possible. While providing assistance, the interns are also learning valuable lessons and skills that will help them develop their careers as wildlife rehabilitators and earn their wildlife rehabilitation licenses. With this sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas, wildlife rehabilitation can continue for years to come.

Your generous support of our internship program will allow lifesaving work to continue now at the Wildlife Center, and beyond in the future. Your investment in our internship program will sustain and improve our ecosystem. Thank you for making a difference to wildlife and for continuing the important work of wildlife rehabilitation.