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Shelter Closed for Labor Day
Mon Sep 01 @12:00AM

50 Haircuts/ 50 States/ 50 Days
Tue Sep 02 @ 9:00AM - 07:00PM

Grillin' with the Newshounds!
Fri Sep 05 @ 4:30PM - 07:00PM

Animals! Paintings by Theron Ris
Fri Sep 12 @ 6:00PM - 08:00PM

Unleashed & Uncorked
Fri Sep 12 @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Welcome to Dr Laura Balanoff our Maddie's Shelter Medicine Intern for 2014-2015 nbsp This position is a…

Please take a moment to secure the opportunity to comment at next week's June 25th Natural Resource Board meeting in…

When shelters receive complaints regarding facilities licensed under the Dog Seller Program the caller should be…

Dane County Humane Society encourages everyone to attend the upcoming DNR Spring Hearings and Wisconsin Conservation…

March 20 2014 Dane County Humane Society DCHS is pleased with the Common Council's decision Tuesday night to file…

DCHSgiveshelter Support the shelter's lifesaving efforts at Unleashed & Uncorked- with live music, tasty food, & flowing wine!
DCHSgiveshelter This is the FINAL Weekend of the #DogDaysofSummer drink specials! Support the establishments who support us!
DCHSgiveshelter While I could enjoy the Rigby Pub's #DogDaysofSummer signature cocktail Eight Days a Week, they are best after a Hard Day's Night. Enjoy!

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