Using positive reinforcement training methods, our certified and experienced trainers will teach you and your dog basic manners, healthy ways to socialize, tips on providing humane care and mental exercises. Upon graduation, the bond between you and your dog will be strengthened, you will have a deeper understanding of how dogs learn and you will know how to use life-rewards to encourage good behaviors.

Puppy Preschool

$100 for six week session

Socialization is one of the most important things you can do for your new pup. Getting your dog familiar with new sights, sounds and smells - including people and other animals - will help your dog be accustomed to everyday life and to develop skills to cope with new experiences in a positive way. In this class, you will discover how dogs learn, the best ways to teach your dog basic manners and tips on how to socialize your puppy. Prevent problems in the future by taking a puppy class! For pups 8-19 weeks of age at the start of class.


Dog Training l Class

$100 for six week session

It’s never too late to teach your dog new skills and change behavior. Let us help you set your dog up for success through a better understanding of how dogs learn and setting reasonable expectations. Together, you and your dog will learn useful skills that can be applied later to help identify positive approaches to real life situations. For dogs 20 weeks and older.


Dog Training ll Class

$100 for six week session

Does your dog have selective hearing? Only comes when called some of the time? Does your dog have difficulty paying attention? Will your dog only respond when you have a treat in your hand? Then come join us in Dog Training II Class where we improve upon your dog's skills so you and your dog are better equipped to navigate real-world challenges.

Enrollment in Dog Training II Class requires previous enrollment in Dog Training I Class or a previous comparable class.


Class Schedules

July 23 - August 27 on Monday Evenings

Puppy Preschool - 6:10-7:00 pm (FULL); Dog Training I Class - 7:15-8:05 pm (FULL)

August 9 - September 13 on Thursday Evenings

Puppy Preschool - 6:10-7:00 pm; Dog Training I Class - 7:15-8:05 pm (FULL)

September 10 - October 15 on Monday Evenings

Puppy Preschool - 6:10-7:00 pm (FULL); Dog Training I Class - 7:15-8:05 pm (FULL)

September 27 - November 1 on Thursday Evenings

Dog Training II Class - 6:10-7:00 pm; Dog Training I Class - 7:15-8:05 pm (FULL)

October 29 - December 3 on Monday Evenings

Puppy Preschool - 6:10-7:00 pm; Dog Training I Class - 7:15-8:05 pm

November 29 - January 3 on Thursday Evenings

Puppy Preschool - 6:10-7:00 pm; Dog Training I Class - 7:15-8:05 pm

Meet our Dog Trainers

Brianne Statz - Dog Trainer

A true animal lover, Brianne has many four-legged family members, which include an Australian Shepherd, Husky mix, Pomeranian mix, cat and three chinchillas. Brianne enjoys training all of them, including the chinchillas! She has many years of experience training dogs, which all started while she earned her BS degree in Zoology at UW-Madison. Brianne has been a certified dog trainer for the past nine years (CPDT-KA). When she is not spending time with her family or training animals, she works in local dog kennels and daycares and as a certified veterinary technician. Brianne also volunteers with the Canine Behavior Team at DCHS.

Nikki Darga - Dog Trainer

Nikki has loved animals for as long as she can remember and dogs have always been a large part of her life. Nikki started training dogs more formally in a competitive obedience setting with her chocolate lab, Kona. Nikki and Kona were able to show for five years, winning many blue ribbons in the process. Nikki has worked with dogs in other capacities, such as at a dog daycare and boarding facility. Nikki has been involved with DCHS dog training classes since May 2016. She also works closely with a local dog training business, Sweet Spot Dog Training. Nikki has a tiny senior Chihuahua named Mabel, several cats and a few other pets that she loves to train and spend time with.



Classes are held in the DCHS Training Room, 5132 Voges Rd Madison, WI 53718.


Discounts apply if you adopted your dog from DCHS. Classes are only $85.00 if you purchase the classes at the time of adoption at DCHS. Classes are $90.00 if you adopted your dog from DCHS. For the special code to receive the discount, please call: (608) 838-0413 ext. 164, or email:

People at classes

We welcome family members to attend class together so training will be consistent for your dog. Children are welcome to attend class if they can remain focused for the duration of a 50-minute class. Your dog may benefit more if you leave small children at home so you can give your instructor and your dog your focus and share what you have learned with small children when you return home. Only two children per adult are allowed in class.

First classes

The first class for Puppy Preschool and Dog Training I Class is for people only. Please arrive to the first class without your dog to learn behavior and training fundamentals to help you in class when you bring your dog. For Monday classes, the first class takes place from 6:45-8 pm. For the Thursday classes, if there is a Puppy Preschool and Dog Training I Class, the first class takes place from 6:45-8 pm. If there is a Dog Training 2 Class and a Dog Training 1 Class, the first class for the Dog Training 1 Class will take place from 7:15-8:05 pm. For the Dog Training 2 Class, please bring your dog to all classes, including the first one which will take place from 6:10-7 pm! After the first class, each class will resume at regular class times. You are welcome to come to the first class of Puppy Preschool and Dog Training 1 Class, at no extra cost - even if you are not registered. Come with your questions; leave with helpful tips!

Dogs that shouldn't attend classes

Dogs that are aggressive towards people, dogs that cannot safely be controlled on-leash in close proximity to other dogs and dogs that are unable to stop barking at other dogs for the duration of class are not permitted in class.


Registration fees for classes are non-refundable. For cancellations made more than a week before the start of class, you will receive a voucher good for the amount paid, less a $25 administrative fee. The voucher can be applied to registration fees for another DCHS dog training class through the end of the following calendar year. For registrations cancelled less than one week prior to the start of class, fees for class are non-refundable.


Please contact Michelle Livanos at (608) 838-0413 ext. 164 or