Due to limited resources, we don't provide individual interviews for school projects. If educators have a large group interested in more information about the shelter, you can book a presentation to have a Humane Educator visit your school.

Frequently Asked Questions for School Projects

About DCHS

Why do animals come to DCHS?

What kinds of animals can be brought to DCHS?

What is the history of DCHS?

What should people do if they found a lost pet?

What is DCHS's greatest success so far?

What should someone do if they lose their pet?

Can I volunteer at DCHS for my project?

How many animals can we house at DCHS?

Service Projects to Help DCHS

Host a Fundraiser

Coin Drive

Donation Drive

Can Collecting

Blanket Beds

Adoption Posters

Critter Treats & Fun

Build a Bench