Dog training class has been canceled on Tuesday, May 21st, due to the severe weather predicted to hit our area. Class will be made up on Tuesday, May 28th.

Would you like to donate to the program?

Monetary donations directly support the lifesaving work that DCHS does. From the basics of purchasing necessary food to covering the cost of medical care, your dollar goes a long way toward helping us help animals.

Let us know if you are interested in donating supplies for our barn residents. We are always in need of specific donations such as large amounts of horse hay, wood shavings and other daily care supplies. Contact the Equine & Livestock Coordinator to learn about what items we need most.


Want to Adopt a Farm Animal?

See animals currently available for adoption

If you have questions about a specific animal or would like to set up an appointment to meet with the animal, please contact our Equine & Livestock Coordinator. If we don't have what you are looking for, you can fill out this form to be added to our Equine and Livestock Registry or contact us to be added to our wait list!

Do you have a farm animal you need to surrender?

We do not accept equine or livestock surrenders without an appointment.

To talk more about the surrender process and discuss the possibility of making an appointment, please contact our Equine & Livestock Coordinator.

If you need to rehome your horse, we also strongly encourage you to visit the Wisconsin Horse Alliance.

Livestock Surrender Fees

There is a considerable cost to care for and rehome livestock. DCHS asks for a surrender fee to off-set those costs and to provide the best care possible for your animal. Any donations beyond that cost are greatly appreciated. DCHS accepts cash or credit card (no checks, except for donation purposes).

In County Surrender Fee for Chickens/Turkeys/Geese/Ducks $15 each (out of county surcharge is an additional $15)

In County Surrender Fee for Goats/Sheep/Pigs/Cattle/Llama/Alpaca $50 each (out of county surcharge is an additional $100)

In County Surrender Fee for Horse/Donkey $150 each (out of county surcharge is an additional $100)

Rehoming Advice - An Alternative to Surrender

Attempting to rehome your animal on your own is often the best option for them. Nobody knows your animal better than you! You can provide the best description of their personality and pictures of them in a home setting. You would be most knowledgeable when talking to a potential new owner about whether the animal would be a good fit for them. Rehoming your animal this way allows them to stay in familiar surroundings while you select the home that you think will be the best for them. This also leaves one more opening at DCHS for those animals without someone to advocate for them.

Contact your veterinarian, farrier, friends & family

Advertise your horse

What should you tell a prospective new owner about your horse?

References, farm visits and applications

Rehoming fees

James Pond was a young domestic duck found stray.