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I found a wild animal. Can I bring it to you?

Is there a fee for me to bring an animal into the wildlife center?

Can I keep and care for the animal I found?

Can I come tour the Wildlife Center?

Does DCHS’s Wildlife Center provide educational presentations with live animals?

How do I follow up on an animal I brought to the Wildlife Center?

Can I come visit the animal I brought to the Wildlife Center?

Can you come pick up an animal that I found?

There is a wild animal living in my yard/house that doesn't belong there. What should I do?

I've touched the baby animal. Won't the mother reject or abandon it now?

I'm worried about outdoor cats hurting the babies. Can you take the babies?

How old do I have to be to volunteer with the Wildlife Center?

What is wildlife rehabilitation?

Why is wildlife rehabilitation important?

What is involved with the wildlife rehabilitation process?

How does someone become a wildlife rehabilitator?