To help these homeless pets who have been at DCHS for longer periods of time compared to their other shelter friends, there is now the Lonely Hearts Club. Members of the Lonely Hearts Club may be pets who are older, not as eye-catching or just haven’t found their right family yet. They may have been overlooked in the past but DCHS believes they can bring so much love to your life in the future!

Members of the Lonely Hearts Club can be identified in the shelter by a logo hanging on or near their kennel or cage or by the listing below. These pets may have discounted adoption fees or other incentives for adoption. They will also be prominently featured with special media and social media segments.

If you are the type of person who, above all, wants to help those most in need, please take a look at our Lonely Hearts Club members. A new best friend could be waiting just for you! Those interested in learning more about Lonely Hearts Club members should contact the Adoption Center at (608) 838-0413 ext. 145.

Lonely Hearts Club Animals

Male | Adult
Domestic Shorthair

Female | 2 years
Terrier, Pit Bull