We're celebrating Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with reduced adoption fees for cats and kittens from June 17th-23rd. Learn more here.

Our Tagline

Helping People Help Animals

Our Vision

Communities are better with an ethic of empathy, care, and value for people and animals.

Our Mission

  • Foster compassionate human and animal connections
  • Forge safe, healthy, and thriving communities for animals
  • Provide care and transitional sheltering to animals
  • Provide leadership and guidance to the animal sheltering community and the public

Our Values

In support of our mission, we:

  • commit to honesty and integrity;
  • hold central the welfare and care of animals;
  • lead by example and with excellence, while embracing constructive change;
  • are fiscally responsible and accountable to our constituents;
  • embrace diversity and promote equity, inclusion and accessibility to all
  • are compassionate, respectful, and empathetic in EVERY decision and interaction, and
  • nurture an organization that values our employees and volunteers.