The program philosophy promotes the understanding that a lack of financial means does not equate to a lack of love felt for and provided to a pet. Everyone’s lives can be enhanced by a pet, and those who choose to should have the opportunity to experience the unconditional love and meaningful relationship a pet brings.

PFL provides free wellness care, spay and neuter, support services, pet supplies and information to people and their pets in communities with limited or nonexistent access to pet wellness resources. Through door-to-door outreach our team meets people where they are in order to better establish trust within the community and foster long-lasting relationships with the people we serve. This groundbreaking approach opens doors and builds relationships in underserved communities through strategic, positive community engagement and by recognizing the everyday barriers created by systemic poverty.

Currently in Madison, PFL focuses specifically on the 53713 zip code. Stretched over a large section of Madison, 53713 is a pet resource desert and has 27% of its population living below the poverty level, often times making it difficult to access proper pet wellness information. By providing residents with access to spay and neuter, veterinary care, supplies and information for their pets, PFL is addressing the critical lack of accessible, affordable pet care in underserved communities, keeping pets healthy and happy in the homes they already have, and supporting our entire community in an inclusive, holistic way.


Population: 252,557

Median HHI: $61,284

Percent below poverty: 17%


Population: 23,250

Median HHI: $36,961

Percent below poverty: 27%