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Does the wild animal you have found show any of the following signs or conditions?

  • Evidence of bruising, bleeding or injury
  • An apparent broken limb
  • Emaciated, very weak, shivering, cold or wet
  • Attacked or brought in by a dog, cat or other predator
  • Circling, rolling, staggering
  • For young animals:
    • Extended periods of vocalization and wandering
    • Repeatedly approaching people or pets
    • Parent is known to be no longer present or deceased

Is the sick or injured animal already contained and in your possession?

Do you see any of the following conditions?

If the animal is NOT showing any of the above signs or conditions and you believe it has been orphaned

Learn more about helping orphaned wild animals

If the animal is showing any of the above signs, they likely need the assistance of your local wildlife rehabilitator

Find the location of your closest licensed wildlife rehabilitator:

Madison, Dane County, Southcentral Wisconsin

Other area in Wisconsin

Outside of Wisconsin