Home To Home™ is an online pet placement platform that helps pet owners find new homes (permanent or temporary) for their pets. Home To Home™ believes pets that need a new home do best if they can be transitioned directly from their current home to a new, loving home.

The platform works by allowing an individual to post a profile with pictures of their pet which is then listed and shared with individuals and families who are interested in adopting a pet. Their mission is to keep animals out of shelters and instead have them rehomed with loving families.

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What is Home To Home™?

It is a direct-to-adopter tool for pet guardians to rehome or find a temporary foster for their pet without the animal ever coming to the shelter. Pet guardians and potential adopters and fosters can connect with each other directly through this platform.

Key Guidelines:

Home To Home™ does not allow the exchange of any rehoming fees. Home To Home™ wants to avoid the potential barrier of fees preventing animals from finding their new homes quickly. Plus, this helps to prevent the site being used for purposes that aren’t in line with their mission.

Home To Home™ does not require animals be spayed/neutered or current on vaccinations. In order to make the site as inclusive as possible and provide services to all families who need it, Home To Home™ has removed this barrier too. DCHS recommends that all adopters ask for veterinary records at the time of adoption, and to make a plan to get regular veterinary care for your new pet.

Platform Features:

  • Pet postings automatically expire after 30 days. Owners can extend their expiration by an additional 30 days and are notified by Home To Home™ when their post expires. Pet owners then have the option to republish their pet for an additional 30 days or mark their own outcome (i.e. adopted, surrendered).
  • All pet submissions must be approved by DCHS to appear on our site, and by Home To Home™ to appear in national searches. This process can take several business days, but is often quicker.
  • Thanks to the online platform, pet owners can log in and manage their pet’s profile directly without working through DCHS staff. This platform also offers a way to communicate with potential adopters without sharing personal contact information.

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