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Cat Care & Behavior Resources

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General Pet Care Resources

Pet-Friendly Housing

Looking for a pet friendly rental property? Most of the major real estate search engines now allow you to search for pet friendly housing. After you run your search, you can then click on individual properties to learn more about their pet policies and fees. Here are some helpful places to search:







Baby-Ready Pets

Introducing a baby or young child into your home can be exciting and overwhelming and will change everyone's lives, including your pets'. You may be afraid that your pet will not do well with children or you may be worried about not having enough time to spend with your pet after the baby arrives. The resources below include suggestions on how to provide proper introductions between your pet and child, as well as solutions to common issues and concerns.

Cats and Babies

Dogs and Babies

If these handouts do not address your concerns and you would like to speak to one of our staff, please contact us at (608) 838-0413 ext. 100.

Pet Safety

There are many things to consider when planning ahead to keep your pet safe in the home as well as being prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Home Safety Guide
This guide provides information on common household hazards and tips on how to pet proof your home.

Poison Control
This helpful guide includes the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control telephone number as well as information about common household items and foods that are dangerous for your pet.

Pet First Aid

Disaster Preparedness
Be prepared to take care of your pet should there be a natural disaster.

Pet Planning
In the event that you become ill or have an emergency that would prevent you from caring for your pet, this provides some helpful advice.

Emergency Veterinarians
Madison is home to several 24-hour emergency veterinarians.

Madison Veterinary Specialists

Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center - Madison

UW Veterinary Care