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Jun 8, 2022

Age is Just a Number! Ways Kids Can Support DCHS


Too young to volunteer? From lemonade stands to selling handmade items, there are many ways children can support Dane County Humane Society (DCHS)!

Do you know a young animal-lover interested in helping shelter animals? Physically volunteering at DCHS can be tricky for our youth supporters as there are fewer positions available and they fill quickly, but there are more flexible options to help our animals! Many kids show their support for DCHS by hosting independent fundraisers to raise money and supplies for animals in need.

One of our youth supporters, Emily, first donated to DCHS after learning about Farley the puppy. Farley was brought to DCHS earlier this year with multiple injuries that were likely caused after being struck by a car. Farley needed extra donations to help pay for surgery by a specialist. As Farley healed, supporters were updated about his recovery.

But Emily’s generosity did not end once Farley had recovered,. “[DCHS] sent me a picture of the dog when it was healing and I thought to myself, ‘I should help more animals,’” she says. Emily decided to host a fundraiser to raise money and supplies for other animals in need.

And you can, too!

Top: Sun Prairie Westside Elementary School Wild Ones held a pet food and supply drive earlier this year benefitting DCHS. Above: Rachel and Midlyne held a Lemons for Change lemonade stand last summer, selling fresh homemade lemonade and pawprint cookies, to help raise money for DCHS.

The first step to hosting a fundraiser is to brainstorm ideas. This step allows children the chance to get creative! We have had children conduct bake sales, have lemonade stands, sell hand-made products like jewelry, stickers, and lip balms, host raffles, and, in Emily’s case, plan a dog agility competition! During this stage, it is important to keep in mind how much time you are able to commit to this fundraiser, when you’d like your fundraiser to take place, and how that correlates with your schedule.

If you don’t have extra time to plan a whole event, an easier way to support DCHS is to incorporate us in your birthday or holiday party.

Some children choose to collect monetary or item donations in lieu of birthday or holiday presents. A recent birthday party raised enough money to cover the cost of rabies vaccines for all shelter dogs for six months!

Monetary donations allow DCHS to meet the immediate needs of the animals in our care, plus many partner organizations help us get the best 'bang for our buck' by giving us discounts on the items we need. However, if guests want to buy physical gifts, DCHS has a Wish List that outlines some of the most needed items at the shelter, and this can be sent to attendees ahead of time.

Next, it is time to publicize your fundraiser. This could mean putting fliers in mail boxes, speaking with friends and neighbors, making signs, or adding information to birthday party invitations.

Our young supports are excited to help animals in need through their creative fundraisers.

If you need assistance finding the correct DCHS logo or promotional photo, please email for assistance. You can also contact this email address if you would like DCHS brochures for your event.

After you have fun hosting your fundraiser, the last step is to make your donation! Monetary donations can be brought to DCHS or made online. Please make sure to leave a comment about how this money was raised so we can say thanks! Checks should be made out to Dane County Humane Society and can be delivered or mailed to Dane County Humane Society, Attn: Development, 5132 Voges Road, Madison, WI 53718. Item donations can be placed in the donation bin outside of the Main Entrance, or left with staff in the front office. Again, please make sure to leave a note so we can say thanks!

Every dollar makes a difference in the life of a shelter animal. Even a five-dollar collection can cover the cost of Kennel cough treatment for one dog. In 2021, over $125,000 was donated to DCHS from independent fundraisers like the ones listed above. Many of those fundraisers were created and hosted by kids! No matter the type or size of your fundraiser, we are so happy to have the support of the youth in our community.

Ready to host your own fundraiser? Contact Korinne Pollison at to learn more.

Korinne Pollison is the Community Fundraising Coordinator at DCHS.

Host an independent fundraiser

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