Oct 31, 2018

Exciting Changes Coming to Adoption Center West!


Adoption Center West will closed as an adoption center on November 4, 2018 but will reopen in January 2019 as Dane County Humane Society's Thrift Store.

In 2009, Dane County Humane Society opened Adoption Center West (ACW) because we needed more cat housing space and an additional adoption outlet. During this past decade, we have made great strides at DCHS when it comes to our population management. Our live release rate and average length of stay are among the country’s best. ACW played a large part in helping us get to this point. We are incredibly grateful and want to thank all of the current and past staff and volunteers who have made ACW such a successful program.

We have now become so efficient in our population management that the additional space provided by ACW is no longer necessary. As we are confident that moving forward we can continue to maintain our Adoption Guarantee status without the expenses associated with operating an adoption center in a leased property, we have decided to close ACW effective November 5th. All animals still at ACW after we close will be moved to one of DCHS’s other adoption outlets. All current ACW staff and volunteers also have the option of transitioning to a different location and/or a different role. We again thank them for all they have done!!!

As our current lease does not expire until May 2020 and we are already committed to the rental expenses, we have decided to embark on an exciting new endeavor:

Dane County Humane Society’s Thrift Store

Opening January of 2019

The last day of operation at ACW as an adoption center will be November 4, 2018. After that date, adoptable animals can be visited at the following locations: Main Shelter, Mounds East, Mounds Sun Prairie and Mounds Fitchburg.

Beginning in January 2019, Dane County Humane Society's Thrift Store will be opening at the ACW location to provide funding to support our valuable programs and services and offer our community low cost pet and household items we are unable to use at DCHS.

Want to help?

Learn how to become a volunteer at DCHS's Thrift Store

Learn how to become a youth volunteer at DCHS's Thrift Store

Learn how to donate items

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