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Nov 9, 2020

Help Lilah Heal


Help Lilah the puppy live a pain-free life!

Thank you for helping Lilah heal!

Thanks to your generous support of Lilah's Help Me Heal fund, we raised more than the $2,100 needed for her FHO surgery. Lilah was adopted and her new family shared this update with us: "Lilah (now Luna) is doing wonderfully! She's incredibly sweet and loveable, and also fearless and stubborn. Luna loves cuddling with us and her new "sister" (a 3-4 yr old boxer mix), Pebbles, and is currently going to physical therapy and recovering great from surgery! She's fit into our family perfectly, and we absolutely adore her. Thank you so much to anyone who helped make her surgery possible and to all the staff at DCHS who made everything possible!! :)"

Thank you for giving Lilah the chance at a pain-free and happy life! Without you and your amazing support, none of the work to help animals like Lilah would be possible.

Help Lilah Heal

Lilah arrived at Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) from an overcrowded shelter in Alabama in late October. During her initial exam at the shelter our veterinary team noticed she wasn’t walking normally and was favoring her right hip. They took x-rays and quickly realized that this adorable 6-month-old terrier mix would need surgery to live a pain-free life.

We suspect Lilah was hit by a car prior to arriving at the original shelter in Alabama, resulting in her injury. The trauma left Lilah with a fracture at the right hip joint that partially healed, causing painful and abnormal contact between the ball of the femur and the socket of her pelvis.

Our veterinarians quickly started Lilah on pain medicine, and the change in Lilah’s personality was almost instant. She was more outgoing and really started to show off her goofy puppy side. However, pain medicine is not a long-term solution for Lilah to have the quality of life she deserves.

We decided Lilah needs a femoral head ostectomy (FHO), a surgery which will remove the ball of the femur so the bones in her hip won’t painfully rub against each other. A local veterinary clinic, VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center, has graciously offered to complete Lilah’s much-needed surgery at a discounted rate.

Following surgery Lilah will need four to eight weeks of physical therapy to ensure she heals properly and regains normal leg function for the future. Lilah will spend this time with a loving foster family who will help her recover and learn the joys of being a young pup again once she is pain-free.

Please help us raise $2,100 to cover Lilah’s surgery and follow-up care so she can live a happy and pain-free life by making a gift today!

You can also mail or drop off your donation at Dane County Humane Society’s main shelter (5132 Voges Road, Madison, WI 53718), with “Lilah” in the subject line.

Any additional funds from Lilah’s surgery and follow-up care will be used to continue the work our Animal Medical Services does every day to provide high quality medical care to thousands of companions animals each year.

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