Aug 17, 2018

Help This Red Fox Heal!


Your support is needed to help a young Red Fox heal after being found in a Middleton park suffering from sarcoptic mange.

Great News!

Thanks to the generous support of donors and the community we were able to raise the funds needed to continue providing comfort and care to heal this beautiful Red Fox.

The wounds on her hips healed up nicely and her appetite was good!

On Saturday, September 8, this beautiful red fox was healed, healthy and was released back to her home in Middleton, WI.

Thank you for your support and helping this fox heal!

This juvenile Red Fox is on a long road to recovery after she was seen stumbling around a park in Middleton. Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy White was alerted to the fox’s poor condition and he called Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center immediately to see if we could give this poor fox the second chance she deserved.

Animal Service Officer Shane Elsinger arrived to help contain the juvenile fox and a spirited pursuit across a soccer field ensued! The fox, however, was far too weak to keep up the chase, and she was safely contained and quickly brought to our Wildlife Center.

The fox came into the care of the Wildlife Center in rough shape— dehydrated, severely emaciated, anemic and nearly bald from sarcoptic mange, a type of skin disease that is highly contagious and potentially life-threatening to other canids. She had sores on her hips and runny eyes.

The Wildlife Center staff jumped into action, giving her fluids and helping manage her pain. In the week since this fox’s admission, she has brightened up and is eating well. Her sores are healing and her weight is trending up. Families from the neighborhood where the fox was captured have been contacting the Wildlife Center to express their relief that she is getting help.

This spirited fox, however, has a long road to recovery. Treatment can take six or more weeks before she is healthy enough to be returned to her natural habitat. The cost of all this care is around $700.

Please help us raise the $700 which will allow us to continue providing comfort and care to heal this beautiful fox.

Any additional funds raised will be used to continue the work our Wildlife Center staff does every day to help injured, orphaned and ill wildlife from throughout the Greater Madison region.

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