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Nov 30, 2020

New Beginnings for a Senior Dog


Sammy healed and has a new beginning because of you!

Sammy arrived at Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) in June as a transfer dog from Mississippi. He is one of the 600+ animals transferred to DCHS so far in 2020 from other animal welfare organizations. Due to a low number of stray animals in our area and the amazing support of our community, DCHS can partner with shelters across the country with higher animal populations and fewer resources. You help these animals find homes in the Madison area.

During Sammy’s initial exam, our veterinarians discovered this adult Newfoundland mix had many medical concerns, including chronic ear infections, gum disease, a ligament tear in his back leg, a dislocated kneecap and severe arthritis. In addition to these major medical concerns, Sammy was also nervous around people. Thanks to our amazing community support, DCHS had the resources to get Sammy the care he needed to heal.

Sammy spent about a week at the shelter before he entered our foster program. During his stay, our staff spent extra time helping him learn that people are not scary. Dr. Wright, one of our DCHS veterinarians, also completed a dental surgery to help his mouth and gums heal.

Sammy needed a consultation with a specialist to address the injuries to his back leg, and Dr. Singh at VCA-Veterinary Emergency Services graciously agreed to take on Sammy’s case. After a thorough orthopedic exam Dr. Singh determined that due to the level of damage, arthritis and pain in Sammy’s back leg, the only way for him to live a pain-free life would be to amputate.

Tehmina, Sammy’s foster mom, was no stranger to fostering dogs with special needs. In fact, Sammy was her 20th foster dog with DCHS! After Sammy’s surgery Tehmina was there for him every step of the way. Sammy was still nervous around people, so Tehmina had to move slowly and gently to gain his trust. Over time, and with lots of patience and support, Sammy began to come out of his shell. “He wanted to chase after squirrels, even with three legs,” said Tehmina. “He was extremely patient during the healing process and has learned to walk, balance, eat and thrive on three legs. He is such a gentle giant.”

Sammy was adopted on August 12, almost seven weeks after arriving at DCHS. He left the shelter a different dog than he was the day he arrived - his ear infections had cleared up, his bad teeth were cleaned or removed and his painful leg was gone. Your support of Dane County Humane Society provides the chance for healing to animals in need like Sammy.

When you donate today, your gift will have DOUBLE the impact thanks to our $31,000 matching gift. Thank you for donating and providing new beginnings for animals in our community!

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