Admitting Assistant — [pdf]

Assist the Admitting Team who provides wellness exams and initial treatment for all animals coming to DCHS. Shifts available: 3-5pm Sunday or Wednesday and 5-7pm Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Animal Medical Services Assistant — [pdf]

Help our Animal Medical Services Team by caring for animals recovering from injury, illness or surgery in addition to providing general clinic assistance.

Felines In Treatment Center Caretaker — [pdf]

Provide care for cats in Maddie's Felines in Treatment Center which houses our nationally renowned ringworm treatment program. Greatest need: Saturday mornings with flex start time between 6-9am.

Bather & Groomer — [pdf]

Help animals at DCHS feel happy, fresh and clean by providing baths and grooming services.

Canine Care Assistant — [pdf]

Help care for dogs at DCHS by providing them with a clean, enriching environment as well as quality time. Available shifts: 7-9am Sunday-Friday, 1-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Carestaff Assistant — [pdf]

Interact with nearly every species at the shelter by assisting our Carestaff with daily tasks from preparing meals to keeping cages clean and safe.

Classroom Animal Assistant — [pdf]

Spend time with our classroom animals while preparing their meals and helping keep them clean and happy.

Critter Cuddler - Main Shelter — [pdf]

Help give our small critters some love and attention. Available shifts: 3-5pm Monday or Thursday and 4-6pm Tuesday. Available adult shifts: 8-10am Wednesday and 12-2pm Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Critter Cuddler - Mounds East — [pdf]

Help give our small critters some love and attention while they stay at Mounds on Stoughton Road. Available shifts: 9-11am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday; 11am-1pm and 3-5pm Monday-Friday.

Feline Friend - Main Shelter — [pdf]

Provide comfort and care to our cats at the Main Shelter. Greatest need: weekday mornings and afternoons. Some shifts available on weekends between 8am - 5pm.

Feline Friend - Mounds Sun Prairie — [pdf]

Provide comfort and care to cats staying at Mounds Pet Food Warehouse in Sun Prairie. Available shifts: 11am-1pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 3-5pm Thursday and 1-3pm Friday.

Equine Assistant — [pdf]

Help provide comfort and care to horses and other livestock in our Horse and Livestock Barn located at the Main Shelter. Available shifts: 9-11am Wednesday or Saturday.